Intelligent: Centa-Star Relax Smart Pillow

Almost as clever as a sleep laboratory

The digital iX21 pillow was developed by Advansa and presented at last year’s Heimtextil. Inside is a small computer that, with the aid of tiny built-in electronic sensors, records a variety of sleep parameters of the user. The data is transmitted to a smartphone via Bluetooth and a suitable app the next morning: during the night, the ‘pillow’ has recorded all movements and peculiarities.

The data indicate how well or badly the user slept – whether, for example, he or she snored or sweated during the night. The idea of the pillow is to gather as much (anonymised) information as possible about the sleeping habits of the sleep community, as the basis for developing even better products for healthy and relaxing sleep in the future. Users of the Centa-Star Relax Smart Pillow can obtain advice on their individual sleep habits or, perhaps, difficulties, directly via an app that functions like a sleep coach (at extra cost). The smart way to sleep!

Centa-Star can be found in Hall 8.0, Stand F 61.

The Advansa stand is in Hall 8.0, Stand F 60.




Kerstin Böhning

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