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If you’re interested in Ayurveda or Hinduism, the word agni will remind you of the fire god of the Vedic religion. At Heimtextil, agni stands for a young creative team from India that offers magical decorative cushions and rugs.

You enter the agni stand through a door as though you’re entering a lovingly furnished shop. Small Christmas decorative objects smile up from the floor, embroidered and woven cushion covers lie on the shelves and colourful rugs in the most diverse patterns and fabrics sparkle on the floor and walls. They have brought a wide selection with them to Frankfurt and explain the many ideas behind their products in a joyful and involved way: the young team at agni is fully engaged with the topic of recycling and preventing waste – even if the overall progress in India is still rather slow, they report. In any case, agni approaches the topic proactively and wherever possible also works with wool and fabric remnants from other textile companies in Jaipur. A particularly charming collection of cushions is based on traditional images of Indian deities. The story of the respective motif is told on the back of these cushions, which are ideal for brightening up a studio, and not just a product solely for yoga fans. Yoga bags and shoppers are also part of agni’s colourful range. You can see more in hall 6.1, stand 48.

Kerstin Böhning

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