Ju:niti:m – a small team with a big design impact

Before talking with Christin Boehme, a fashion design graduate and owner of Düsseldorf-based design agency Ju:niti:m, we had wondered about the meaning of its name, so this was one of the very first questions we asked her. “The name of the agency represents unity within the team, which is why it combines these English words in phonetics, unity [`ju:n?ti] + team [ti:m]”, explains Christin Boehme. She established her design agency in 2000 in the heart of Düsseldorf, a fashion hub, and she and her team have been working here ever since to create innovative perspectives and classic decorative concepts for her clients’ product design.

Their work is focused on home and household textiles, so Ju:niti:m has been exhibiting at Heimtextil since 2007. For the upcoming fair, Christin Boehme has booked a stand in the design area of Hall 4.2, which has just been given an entirely new look and name: design live. “Heimtextil is an important trade fair for us, as it helps us to keep abreast of the latest developments and identify what is in demand. There are a lot of young designers and creative agencies in Hall 4.2., and the atmosphere is amazing,” states Christin Boehme. The Ju:niti:m team is strongly oriented towards the demands of the market and the individual needs of its clients, so trend analysis is just as much a part of this agency’s range of services as are ingenuity and creativity. The agency is active throughout Europe, and it also has clients in Asia and the USA. As a result, Heimtextil is particularly helpful with regard to maintaining personal contact with its customers from abroad. Christin Boehme: “We visit our clients in neighbouring countries on a regular basis so that we can stay in contact and share ideas.” How are the designs looking for Heimtextil 2013? Naturally no details were revealed, but we were given a little sneak peek: the “new colours” are rather calm and have been inspired by nature; lightness is once again becoming more prevalent in design, and photo print bedding is set to be a hot new trend. We are looking forward to seeing Ju:niti:m’s presentation in January.

Kerstin Böhning

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