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#GibDirStoff – the new campaign of the Textile Rooms Initiative (Initiative Textile Räume e.V. – ITR) is striking for the name alone (roughly, ‘#GibDirStoff’ means treat yourself to fabrics). And this is no accident because it is designed to grab consumer attention and stimulate their interest in furnishing with textiles. For the logo, the Initiative has decided on a stylised piece of fabric in the form of a hashtag, to symbolise digital communication, explained Ulrike Reich, ITR Marketing and PR, in an interview with Eurodecor. Naturally, the campaign has more to offer than just a thought-provoking name.

The aim of the Textile Rooms Initiative is to generate new impulses for the home-textile sector and promote sales of home textiles whereby the claim intentionally plays with the ambiguity of the German word ‘Stoff’ (stuff / fabric). However, the combination of texts and motives means it is always clear that it’s all about home textiles. “This assuages the initial surprise caused by the claim leaving a smile on people’s lips”, says Ulrike Reich. The Initiative remains true to its choice of words on the #GibDirStoff website: the three tabs – ‘Stoffszene’ (fabric scene), ‘Stofffacts’ (fabric facts) and ‘Stoffdealer’ (fabric retailers) – take the visitor to pages with a modern layout offering information and inspiration with respect to home textiles whereby the emphasis is always on how textiles can lead to an increased quality of life.

#GibDirStoff_Jung, wild und voll auf Stoff

The claim intentionally plays with the ambiguity of the German word “Stoff” and roughly translate to: Young, wild and hooked on fabrics. Copyright: #GibDirStoff

Home textiles can be more than just decorative. They contribute to a sense of well-being and are the key to making rooms comfortable. “High-quality fabrics that not only look and feel great but also offer functionality and thus increase the level of comfort in the home are in demand again – but not to the extent that the sector would like”, says ITR board member Andreas Klenk in the interview with Eurodecor. According to trend scouts, however, this could change in the near future because more and more consumers are noticing that although empty rooms and surfaces look good in catalogues, they are less suitable for actually living in.

According to Andreas Klenk, the campaign has produced a very good echo from both interior decorators and the retail trade who welcome a large-scale consumer campaign in the German-speaking region, which whets the customer’s appetite for textile furnishings and puts the focus back on home textiles as an important aspect of interior design. After all, the campaign also aims to boost business in the retail trade.

Aylin Özülker

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