Architect Herwig Spiegl: looking forward to some inspiration

Herwig Spiegl (c) Hertha HurnausIn cooperation with AIT architecture magazine and IHA hotel association, Heimtextil offers a varied and interesting programme of lectures for architects, interior architects, designers and hoteliers. The lectures will be held in ‘Saal Europa’, Foyer of Hall 4.0, on 13 and 14 January 2016: We asked one of the speakers, Herwig Spiegl of AllesWirdGut Architektur in Vienna, about the significance of Heimtextil.

Why did you become an architect?
As in so many cases: a combination of erroneous information, wishful thinking and youthful folly. Fortunately, I am an open and, in particular, inquisitive person and can become really enthusiastic about things, especially new and surprising things. And this applies to the new architects’ image. If you’d like to know what the new architects’ image is, don’t miss the lecture.

Façade or interior work – face or soul: what’s more important for an architect?
Spontaneously, I’d say ‘façade’. Modern façades are incredibly complex things. They have to satisfy a multitude of requirements, e.g., aesthetics, energy efficiency, user comfort, costs, some of which are mutually exclusive – an exciting challenge! Nevertheless, we at AllesWirdGut are interested in the room as such. Thus, if we don’t speak about ‘interior furnishings and fittings’ but about room planning, this is because the façade is only part of the whole.

What is the significance of Heimtextil for you?
Fairs are always a great experience. You meet old and new faces. You are sometimes part of the audience and not (only) a speaker. You can stroll around and decide where you want to stop for a while. A bit like a funfair for adults, a source of super new impressions and experiences.

The lecture programme Interior.Architecture.Hospitality at a glance.

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