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The living room of a well-travelled businessman from Hamburg as a lobby

The living room of a well-travelled businessman from Hamburg as a lobby

The world’s first zoo-based themed hotel is about to open Joi Design receives the award ‘Hotelimmobilie des Jahres 2009’ for this hotel

Your journey begins in the lobby, which is infused with a 19th century colonial atmosphere. It then continues on board ship, deeper into the heart of Africa, through Asia and on to the permanent ice of the pole. The Lindner Park-Hotel Hagenbeck will open its doors at the beginning of May 2009. Running the project are “Lindner Hotels & Resorts” and the “Hagenbeck Zoo and Tropical Aquarium”.

The Reception – welcome to the world’s first Animal-Park Hotel

The Reception – welcome to the world’s first Animal-Park Hotel

“The concept is unique in the hotel business” says Hotel Manager, Fabian Engels. The strange noises from the animals next door are not something you hear every day. Yet, the interior of the hotel is not mainstream either.

Corinna Kretschmar-Joehnk, Managing Director of JOI Design, observes: “For us, this project was a very unusual challenge: design has a different kind of major role to play – the zoo creates a very special atmosphere.” This has been turned to creative purpose.

One example of the sort of thing is the lift: “Normally lifts are boring. But we have turned the lift into an experience,” explains Kretschmar-Joehnk. Pictures of the port from around 1870 are displayed on the lift doors. The inside resembles a ship’s cabin. Light diodes on a world map indicate the route; sounds and smells put the guests in the mood for the various destinations.


Wellness-Bereich: Arktische Forscherhütte als Sauna

Wellness-Bereich: Arktische Forscherhütte als Sauna

In Africa there are plaids on the beds, with elephants and antelopes wandering over them. On the walls are antique masks and tribal weapons. The washbasin is shaped like a drum with a drawing of a Bongo Antelope. Once they have arrived in Asia, guests step out of the lift straight into a primeval landscape, with scents of blossoms and spices.

Finally they get to the Arctic. That is where the wellness area is to be found with its brightly coloured and weather-beaten researchers’ huts.

Polished glass mosaics on the floor massage your feet. “A light installation which was specially designed by us represents the shifting and changing polar light and an ice-fountain in the centre puts guests in a quite special mood,” says Kretschmar-Joehnk.

Joachim Weinlig-Hagenbeck, speaking of his zoological gardens and the new hotel, says: “Hagenbeck has a fascinating history. It is impressive how this has managed to bring everything that one associates with Hagenbeck home to our guests: “Animals, the park, culture, journeys to foreign countries and colonial exoticism. The interior architects have spectacularly managed to make tangible my dreams and expectations for the place.” And Hotel Manager, Fabian Engels, adds: “After the lengthy preparations we are looking forward to things finally getting going and to being able to send our guests on their ‘journey round the world’.

In October ‚hotelforum 2009’ together with an independent jury presented JOI-Design with the award ‘Hotelimmobilie des Jahres 2009’ (hotel property of 2009).

Photo sources:
Photos 1 and 2 © Bettina McDowell
Photo 3 © Lindner Hotels

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