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„Easy Passion“ by Rasch

Just what was needed! As if the current trend for pastels had foreseen that the summer of 2013 would turn out to be something of a scorcher, it now offers us the perfect refreshment with delicious ice-cream colours. Be it raspberry, pistachio, mint, apricot or vanilla – these refreshing colours keep us cool in the face of the heat and awaken, rather, a desire to bring a breath of fresh air into our own homes.

This new soft focus could be seen in abundance, both at the fashion shows and the furniture expos in Stockholm and Milan. And the great thing about it is, that one can combine all shades with one another without any danger of creating a cacophony of colours. Whether it is in the form of wallpaper, decorative fabrics or cushions – the soft tones bring a whole new life to the ambience. For they radiate a cheerful informality and flatter both the people themselves and the homes they live in at the same time. Moreover, they go best with a neutral white, grey, beige or black and can be combined to outstanding effect with light, contemporary wood tones like oak, ash and elm.

The “4 Women + Walls” wallpaper collection from Marburg conjures a sensitive and harmonious basic mood in the home. The collection is designed by four women, who, whilst they do not necessary have anything directly to do with design in their professional lives, are all involved creatively in some way, like, for instance, TV chef Cornelia Poletto. The base colours are restrained, light and feminine.

The “Easy Passion” collection from Rasch is all about the natural lightness of being.  The focus here is on gentle pastels and soft patterns, which do not commit those who live with it to any one particular style, but provide the basis for an easy-going buoyancy of mood.

The Esprit home collection “San Francisco” demonstrates just how to capture the relaxed lifestyle of California. Using anything from hand-woven carpets, shiny wallpapers to heavily ornamented cushions – inspired by bright and cheerful hippie colours – everything breathes the chilled-out spirit of the Bay Area.

Heike Gessulat

Stefan Jakob

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