Living greener: New sustainable products at Heimtextil


Max Gilgenmann talking with exhibitors during the ‘Green Tour’.

The first ‘Green Tour’ at Heimtextil provided insight into the way in which exhibitors are implementing the notion of sustainability in all product segments. Various concepts, ranging from qualities and properties of materials to social acceptability were introduced. The guided tour on the first day of the show highlighted the market-ready, sustainable new products from some of the exhibitors. Oversight and conduct of the tour has been the work of Max Gilgenmann of Consulting Service International, who is also the sustainability expert responsible for the certification of exhibitors for the Green Directory.

Slowcolor received enormous interest. The US exhibitor was there with cotton products from India, woven by themselves and coloured with natural dyes. They use herbal and plant dyes made to traditional Indian recipes. The hand-crafted aesthetic and the charm of simplicity are in evidence in every product; shawls and wraps in harmonious colour variations and appealing patterns. Slowcolor has won several social responsibility awards.

Lenzing was also one of the 14 companies visited on the tour. The Austrian firm was exhibiting its Tencel fibres, i.e. cellulose-based fabrics for bed and household linen. The trees used as raw material come from FSC-certified sources and are overwhelmingly of local origin. Production is located in Austria, 98% of the chemicals involved are re-usable and waste is used as biomass to generate energy. Companies like Dibella, also from Austria, use, for instance, sustainable combinations of Tencel and Repreve or long-staple cotton and Tencel for their bedlinen collections.

Like the ‘Green Directory’, a ‘Green Tour’ is also planned, once again, for the next Heimtextil from 14 to 17 January 2015. Altogether, over 130 exhibitors presented their sustainable home and household textiles in the Green Directory.

Stefan Jakob

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