Luxurious, classic, future-oriented – the Hessischer Hof grand hotel sets new highlights


The new façade of Hessischer Hof

A new elegant façade, plus a 290 m² spa with a breathtaking view of the Taunus landscape in the ­German state of Hesse and a 180 m² presidential suite, both of which will open in February 2014 – the Hessischer Hof is impressively driving its further development forward. This rich-in-tradition hotel and Frankfurt’s only privately-run five star hotel interprets classic furnishing in a truly exceptional way here. An interview with HRH Floria Landgräfin von Hessen, who, in close cooperation with renowned London Designer Nina Campbell, is responsible for the interior design…

Your Royal Highness, the Hessischer Hof promises on its website: “We continue to be furnished in an exceptionally classic way.” In what way is the Hessischer Hof “exceptionally classic”?

The exceptional décor of the Hessischer Hof grand hotel is characterised by tradition. Guests will find approximately 1,500 art objects from the House of Hesse in the grand hotel. This combination of luxury and modernity makes our hotel unique in the Frankfurt hotel world. For us, ‘classic’ does not mean hanging on to yesterday, which is often the case. We connect an atmosphere with this term, which develops out of tradition and values. At the same time, however, we also value modern hospitality very highly, because ultimately this is the classic of tomorrow.

What do you pay particular attention to when furnishing the rooms, so that your guests feel good?

Harmony is especially important for us, and the guest should feel immediately snug and comfortable in this harmonious ambiance. So we pay special attention to the interplay between colours and fabrics and the selection of sustainable and high grade materials and products. We have been working here for several years with the renowned London interior designer, Nina Campbell, whose sense of style and assured taste is highly valued all over the world.

How do you use textiles with the soon-to-be-finished presidential suite?

With every hotel project the functionality and resilience of the materials are very important, but fortunately in the presidential suite we don’t have to consider this. While in a normal hotel the most frequently used things often have the most boring colours, the entire suite here has a soft palette of cream and aqua-tones, combined with the strong colour force of a dark wood.
The walls have a gloss finish and polished plaster. In the main bedroom the walls have a “lordly” textile covering. This softens the entire room and ensures a really pleasant acoustic. The carpets are woven with an extra long pile, which feels like floating!

What is especially important for you with the restaurant­furnishing?

The table is practically a synonym for pleasure and joie de vivre. We may really be opulent here! We have an exquisite restaurant kitchen, and the guest should already sense this when they sit down to eat. Ultimately, a well-set table awakens the anticipation for what might await the palate. Our porcelain is specially produced to follow the style, the textiles are harmoniously chosen, and of course flowers should always be included.

The presidential suite addresses heads of state, the controllers of economies and members of European aristocracy, among others. What will the suite look like? What accents do you set with regard to comfort and luxury?

Nina Campbell has found exactly the right words for our approach: “When we design a room we put ourselves in the role of the guest. We make a wish list with all our expectations. And we never compromise here where comfort is concerned! As in this case, however, we are designing for a grand hotel in the middle of Frankfurt, we have decided on a more modern style, very different to the Schlosshotel Kronberg. The gamut of colours flows from room to room, to eventually flow out into a cream and aqua-coloured bedroom. For the style we were inspired by the 1930s, a very glamorous decade, and wonderfully enough we were able to use antiquities and works of art from the House of Hesse – so the suite will also delight even the most demanding of guests.” I myself am really looking forward to finishing the presidential suite. It will be very, very noble.

How important is Heimtextil for you as a specialist trade fair with the centre of focus on contract business textiles?

For us as a hotel directly across from the trade fair, Heimtextil is a superb platform to welcome national and international guests. These guests in particular are exceptional specialists when it comes to appraising our furnishings. When we receive compliments from them during the trade fair it is the most fantastic reward for our continuous efforts, especially to conjure up a feel-good atmosphere with textiles.

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