Luxury redefined: Leomax Collection

die zarte Leichtigkeit des Seins: Leomax Cashmere

Leomax Cashmere: for a softer side of life

Cashmere is one of the most valuable and expensive natural fibres that exist. Products made of this wool are in themselves usually very exclusive. The Finest Cashmere collection from Leomax enhances the high quality and softness of this material even a little more. This fine-fibre label has specialised in the manufacture of covers, plaids and scarves.The raw material selected for this is the finest cashmere wool and is obtained only from Inner Mongolia and Nepal. The fibres used are 34 to 36 mm long with a fineness of 15-16 microns. Only a very small proportion of the world’s Cashmere production has this top quality.

Warm and colorful interior decoration: Leomax plaids

Warm and colorful interior decoration: Leomax plaids

The entire manufacturing process, which covers spinning and weaving as well as quality control and packaging, is carried out by selected traditional firms in Nepal. Each artisan has at her command a skill in hand-weaving the costly Cashmere that has been passed down for the generations. The shortage of material and the elaborate manufacturing method make the Leomax Cashmere Collection one of the market’s rarities.

“Leomax Collection – Finest Cashmere is pure craftsmanship. Only the best cashmere fibres are used and luxury is redefined: self-indulgence acquires a new meaning, enabling purchasers to experience the highest quality with all the senses and at the same time and in some small way assume social responsibility with every purchase they make”, says Ulrike Boye-Holzer, the founder of Leomax Collection. The label will be exhibiting in hall 11.1 at Heimtextil 2014.

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