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Heimtextil 2015, Messe Frankfurt GmbH

Heimtextil 2015 showed how important individual product design is in terms of material look and quality.

Throughout the whole four days, Heimtextil 2015 was an interesting and inspiring event that generated new impulses and gave us the chance to provide lots of useful information to visitors to our Sleep Campaign stand. Indeed, climate was the main theme with regard to the bed, but not just the bed. Everything is linked and climate changes in society and the countryside not only have an impact on us all as individuals but also influence how satisfied we are, how we feel and how we sleep.

For us, it was interesting to see the extent to which both trade visitors and manufacturers have become aware of this subject and how important individual product design is in terms of material look and quality. Once again, tried and tested articles have been developed along interesting lines; international designers are working on new trends while the trade is taking a self-critical look at itself and becoming more receptive to new communication concepts, especially with respect to quality, something that is particularly important in this age of fast internet sales: in other words, the chance to feel and experience products.

Further potential for individualisation is offered by digital printing, which not only introduces brilliant colours to the bedroom but also gives rise the question of how far it is before unique bed linen based on customers’ photos or drawings is a reality for everyone. The boundaries to mass-produced products could begin to topple.

And: the sector has become greener. For a long time, sustainability was hardly more than a PR buzzword. However, the fact that more people began to ask what this actually meant has had an effect with more and more players now actually implementing their green image. This is particularly evident in the case of down feathers: many manufacturers and the industrial association are increasing their efforts in the direction of greater transparency, supply-chain visibility and cooperation with animal-protection organisations. Thus, things are moving in the right direction. And this is good because we do not want to have to go without down feathers – after all, hardly any other material is comparable in terms of a good bed climate, 70 percent of which is regulated via the duvet.

We would like to thank everyone who dropped in and left a comment on our Climate Wall.
Against this background: sleep well! We are already looking forward to 2016!

Team “Schlafkampagne”
Markus Kamps, Gerrit Wustmann, Frank Chudoba

Stefan Jakob

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