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In the new head office of the internationally operating company Kappa Ingredients, lounges, meeting rooms, a communal kitchen and a TV studio have been set up in addition to classic offices. The loft-like rooms in Hamburg Altona have very high, open ceilings – a special challenge for the planning of acoustics and building services.

The client was keen to create a Hanseatic atmosphere, without a maritime feel, while at the same time making its own corporate identity visible.   

Fire safety was not just an official requirement for this project but a personal preoccupation of the commissioned architect’s office VRAI. A curtain four metres high and eight metres wide was installed to turn a meeting room into a small TV studio. If it had been made of flammable material, it would have presented a high risk.

This is how appealing a flame retardant curtain fabric can look.

Nowadays flame-retardant textiles for buildings can be as shiny as silk, as rustic as linen, or as cool as cotton – a real advantage for designers. Now most manufacturers run specialised collections for buildings, often made of the flame-resistant fibre Trevira CS. This material extinguishes itself, so to speak, and is very low on smoke emission – it burns “dripping off.” For it is not the actual flames that are the main problem but the smoke emission, which makes it difficult for people to find their way in the room. You will find exhibitors offering products with these and further functional features at the upcoming Heimtextil:

Lameirinho – Indústria Têxtil, S.A. 12.1 C11
Limonta S.p.A. 3.1   C83
Engelbert E. Stieger AG 4.2   E14
Crypton LLC  4.2   E65
D Decor Exports Pvt. Ltd. 6.1 C16

Photo rights: Jana Vonofakos. Photographer: Nina Struve.

Jana Vonofakos

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