Modern vintage on sofas and armchairs

Wide range of upholstery fabrics

Velours, velvet, chenille, bouclé and epinglé fabrics are an essential element of the new season’s upholstery materials. Plain colours are given a more upmarket look with faux plain materials, mini structures, embossing and multi-coloured filigree stripes that look like fine cord from a distance. Velours made from cotton modal mixes are particularly soft and vibrantly-coloured and have a subtle silky shine.

The new yarn mixes with wool and Tencel have an earthier look. Modal items have special finishes for water and stain resistance. Plain materials surprise with what are in some cases very comprehensive colour palettes comprising up to 60 shades.

Disruptive carrés and ornamental tendrils made from bouclé yarn function as eye-catchers that stand out vividly from shimmering flat-woven backgrounds. They represent a nonchalant modern vintage style that gives upholstered furniture a certain charm and an independent personality.

Classic textile patterns have established themselves across the board, such as houndstooth, pepita, chevron, herringbone and tweed. Elaborate handcrafted finishing techniques are becoming increasingly important again. Cushions are finished with tassels, piping, fringes and stand-up seams, chairs accentuated with upholstery nails or given a diamond-shaped quilted finish.

Claudia Weidt

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