Multi-talented Ultrasuede: made in Japan

The perfect substitute for leather!

Apparel, furniture covers, upholstery fabric for car and aeroplane seats, sports shoes, accessories for smartphones and other mobile communication devices; multi-talented Ultrasuede has been in use in all these, and many other areas, since 1970. What is the secret behind this material? The word ‘suede’ in English gives us a clue. Ultrasuede feels just like it – wonderfully soft and gentle to the touch. At the same time, it is guaranteed to be made of chemical fibres – and is now manufactured from recycled PET and naturally occurring waste products.

Ultrasuede is a material, which, over a number of decades, has worked its way into a multitude of different areas of application. The material is available in various weights for different applications and distinguishes itself from alternative solutions, because it is both enormously durable and easy to care for. Mostly, just one wash with water is all that is necessary to remove dirt again. Ultrasuede is thus particularly well-suited to use in contract and commercial furnishings. The materials technology for this multi-talented American fabric comes from Toray, a multi-national chemicals group. The company has just gone over to recycling waste products from the raw sugar industry.


Ultrasuede & Toray are exhibiting jointly in Hall 4.1, on Stand G87.



Kerstin Böhning

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