‘My Tropical Garden’ by Sarah Corynen

Colourful narratives from Belgium

She has travelled a lot and clearly observed things very closely. Sarah Corynen has absorbed all the impressions, the colours and the sounds and reworked them in her designs. Her colourful drawings of animals and plants have a kind of melody. They echo the sounds of her journeys. Sarah works with broad, generous strokes, using thick felt marker pens or Indian ink. Her current series goes by the name of ‘My Tropical Garden’ and we are able to stroll through this garden. Colourful birds in super-size blossoms, inquisitive monkeys and a small house beneath tall trees ….Sarah Corynen’s designs work just as well on fabric as they do on paper or carpet. With this in mind, the artist has also brought some three dimensional examples with her. Sarah Corynen studied fashion design at the Royal Academy in Antwerp and then worked in the sector for a while. She has now returned to make her home near Antwerp, having also lived in Japan. She is delighted to be concentrating on the graphic and experimental side of her work and, from time to time, on her ‘old’ passion – knitwear. In 2016, Sarah Corynen is exhibiting her work at Heimtextil for the second time.

You can take a look at Sarah Corynen’s Tropical Garden in Hall 4.2, Stand H 75.



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