Mycoocoon – bathing in colour

Trend Forum: Well-Being 4.0

The health-giving effects of good lighting on our organism are well known. Now we can differentiate that by choosing the appropriate coloured light to suit our immediate mood. In the here and now. At one particular moment we may feel, let’s say, ‘green’. Green stands for calming, refreshing and relaxing and this suggests that we might prefer to linger with it for a while. Or maybe magenta – which stands for love, a dream. The effect of the colour can be intensified with fragrances and music.The whole concept goes by the name of ‘mycoocoon’ and has been developed by Valérie Corcias and Dominique Kelly, in cooperation with a team of other experts. The therapeutic system of colours is based on the idea that we feel ourselves drawn to precisely those colours that we most need to restore the balance of our energy levels and revitalise them. In future, ‘mycoocoon’ is set to create a highly personalised atmosphere of relaxation in hotels, company premises and, indeed, private homes – and, at the end of the day, ensure a better quality of sleep. But it is more than relaxation. You are ‘replenished’ with the colour on a comfortable sofa beneath a canopy. The colour itself is created using an ‘intelligent’ system and ‘smart’ surfaces. Visitors to Heimtextil 2016 can try it out in the Trend Forum in Hall 6.0 – where, this year, everything is geared to reflect the strapline tag ‘Well-being 4.0’



Kerstin Böhning

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