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Neige Rousset, Textile Designer, Paris

Her work is delicate, colourful and multi-faceted. A recurring motif is the flower in a wealth of variations. Neige Rousset’s creations harmonise in their diversity and that is part of her concept. “My designs can be combined effectively and in a variety of ways. This is very important for my clients in the textile sector for bed linen or curtain fabrics”, explains the designer. For Heimtextil 2013, she has also prepared graphic motifs which can be seen in Hall 4.2, Stand E78, as part of the Design Live section.

Delicate designs for all rooms

Neige Rousset worked for design studios in London and New York before returning to her home country in 2010. She lives and works in Paris, primarily for the home and household textiles sector. Her designs for children are enchanting and highly suitable for firing the imagination of the little ones, and for turning the (children’s) room into a fairly land – without being at all tacky. The basis of her work is always watercolour paintings, which she subsequently reproduces and revises digitally. Particularly impressive is the lightness and softness of her designs, which not only have a poetic touch but are also very expressive in terms of their colours. Neige Rousset exhibited at Heimtextil for the first time in 2012 and was discovered there, inter alia, by a Japanese publishing company. It turned out that her designs are also suitable for ceramic and porcelain products. Her other clients include renowned international companies. And this is indeed very good because it is not only the textile world that needs lightness, colourfulness and lots of flowers.

Kerstin Böhning

Kerstin Böhning

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