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Nya Walls Escriba Panel, Foto: Joachim Richau

For the first time Nya Nordiska, one of the world’s leading textile editeurs, introduces
its new trade fair concept, developed by the renowned company of Staab Architects,
at Heimtextil 2012. Keeping with the slogan
“Nya means new”, this new booth is part of a set of new design features that will
showcase Nya Nordiska in 2012 in a new way.

For its showcase in Frankfurt, Nya Nordiska once again looks towards its successful
co-operation with Staab architects for inspiration. This well-respected Berlin
architectural office, winner of the “Großer BDA Preis” (BDA Grand Prix) 2011, has
already accounted for the new premises of Nya Nordiska finished in 2010. For the
Nya Nordiska booth concept, Volker Staab groups three differently textured and
variously curved cylinders in a basin. Mirrors on the side intensify the effect that the
cylinders create producing an abstract space. The sculptural look of the booth
contrasts with its inner life: The visitor enters three collection worlds and each can be
showcased in a completely different way. “The ongoing extension of our product
portfolio in the direction of spatial design concepts requires a new presentation space
as well”, Remo Röntgen, member of the Nya Nordiska management, explains. “During
our co-operation on the new premises, Volker Staab developed a good understanding
of our company’s DNA. He contrives to perfectly showcase the Nya collection world’s
diversity and its combinability.”

At Heimtextil Nya Nordiska shows the reach of its textile competence: There the focus is on Nya Walls, which has
already been decorated with four design prizes. The development of Nya Walls has for
the first time succeeded in transferring filigree textile structures to stable wall panels.

Wlad Leirich

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