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Part 3: Heimtextil's novelties

Following the smartphone and smart watch, we now have the smartpillow: a sensor sewn into the pillow transmits personalised sleep analyses to an app that then gives tips for a better night’s sleep. And also wakes you up at the optimum time. The sleep coach can also withstand being washed. One of Heimtextil’s novelties…

Those with allergies will be able to experience a more relaxed night thanks to technology that is patent pending. It functions in a purely physical way: negatively charged particles in pillows, duvet covers and mattress covers attract positively charged allergens.

Hot summer nights are lovely to sit outside in, but sometimes not great for sleeping. In such cases, tempered sleeping comfort is promised by a special fleece with layered microcapsules that have a cooling effect. And if you no longer want the cooling effect, simply turn it over: the fleece is only applied to one side. As an airy companion in high temperatures, the printed summer bed covers that can be used without bedding are recommended.

Also focused on sustainability is a complete bed linen range made from natural materials, all GOTS-certified. The down is sourced from GOTS-certified breeding establishments specialising in organic husbandry, and wool and cotton fibres from organic cultivation, with the covers made from organic cotton and closed with hotel closures, zip closures or buttons.

Ornaments and graphics are an essential feature of the new bed linen collections. Tiny geometric patterns, fragmented mosaics, plait motifs, meandering ribbons, empire-style inspirations and acanthus tendrils can be found in many variations. The overall appearance is quieter and more understated than in previous years. Individual design elements are often positioned in a targeted manner, such as individual flower stems. Embroidery is also used in a deliberate way, such as to emphasise a contour. Ornamental cushions complete the decorative bed. Eye-catchers here include sophisticated sequin cushions.
Given that some people are starting to get tired of printed varieties, there has been increased interest in coloured fabrics. Melange and herringbone designs have already established themselves on the market, and are being complemented by chambray, fine jacquard flannel, grid checks and pinstripes with a timeless look and soft feel.
The colour worlds in and around the bed are rather cool and sophisticated: lots of blue shades, from aqua and denim to midnight blue, silver, grey and anthracite, reed, malachite and pine. Subtle rosé functions as a brightener.

The warmer season of the year has become a season for blankets and plaids. In light fabrics such as cotton, super fine lamb’s wool, wool-silk and wool-linen blends, they are ideal for decorative purposes or for snuggling up in when it gets cooler in the evening. The line between blankets and shawls are blurring.

Claudia Weidt

Stefan Jakob

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