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Described as a ”multifaceted platform committed to a better world through creativity”, Design Indaba has built a reputation for nurturing new talent since its beginnings in 1995. This commitment to creativity, with “particular emphasis on creativity from Africa”, made the annual Design Indaba festival in Cape Town an ideal launchpad for the exclusive IKEA ÖVERALLT collection this year, in a collaboration honouring the ethos of the Multi-Local trend.

Arguably one of the world’s most influential interior retailers, IKEA took the initiative to form a partnership with Design Indaba. But rather than searching for furniture designers, the two brands worked together since 2017 to find innovative thinkers that could reflect contemporary African design and creative communities across the continent. The creatives, artists, architects and designers chosen from five different countries were teamed with in-house designers from IKEA to bring their vision to life. The brief? ”Collaborate around modern urban rituals and the importance they play in the home.”

One such exchange between Laduma Ngxokolo and Mikael Axelsson resulted in a range of stunning rugs. While Ngxokolo is renowned in South Africa for his men’s knitwear collections reminiscent of traditional Xhosa beadwork, his ÖVERALLT pieces featured patterns inspired by his place of birth and journeys he has since made. It references the role of place in a very specific way, making local influences accessible to a global audience thanks to the power of great design. It also shows that whether one uses existing materials in new ways or reimagines a local narrative for the world, investing in Multi-Local trends and collaborations can benefit us all.

Laduma Ngxokolo will present the lecture ‘CULTURE LUXURY: Using heritage to evolve culture through fashion and lifestyle’ at 13:30 on Friday, 10th January in the Heimtextil 2020 Trend Space.

Header photo: Ein Objekt der IKEA ÖVERALLT Kollektion, designt von Laduma Ngxokolo und Mikael Axelsson.

Edda Simon

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