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Nature is the best designer.

Do you love the smell of freshly cut alpine meadows in the late summer? Just imagine if your wallpaper created this fragrance in your living room because it was made of this very hay. You don’t even need to put on your walking boots: The company Organoid Technologies from Tyrol is already producing this and other natural surface coverings for you. The team, headed by Martin Jehart and Christoph Egger, has just been awarded the AiT-Trend Award for its idea of bringing fragrant alpine hay into interiors.

To do this, they press natural materials onto various carrier materials so that the original feel, colour and fragrance are largely retained. This year, the Tyrolean team is presenting its collection at Heimtextil for the first time, with a focus on hay wallpaper with flax backing. But that is really just one example of how Organoid products can be used. They are also available in pure form, i.e. without any carrier material, on gypsum fibreboards for acoustic applications, with self-adhesive backing for custom applications, on compressed cork for floor coverings, as solid or coated shaped pieces laminated in wood, aluminium or steel moulds, or as cast surfaces.

As you read this article, somewhere in the world, there is surely another possible application being thought up for Organoid products: The company now has a presence in 40 countries. This means you can now find wallpaper made from alpine meadow hay from Wildspitze – the highest mountain in Tyrol – in some Australian homes. A wonderful notion for lovers of the Alps. If you would prefer to have chamomile flowers, lavender, cocoa bean shells or another of your favourite materials in your home – for example as a lampshade, screen or detail on furniture – you are sure to find something you love with Organoid. ‘We can use any natural source material. We prefer to use organically produced raw materials from the region, which cannot be used in conventional production processes. We will take on any challenge,’ say the makers. And we can well believe it of these gutsy Tyrolean nature-lovers.

Fancy trying out the fragrance for yourself? You can find Organoid at stand A15 in hall 3.1.


Kerstin Böhning

Kerstin Böhning

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