En vogue: structure and graphic patterns

En vogue: structure and graphic patterns

Trend signals from Heimtextil 2019 With innovations of 3025 exhibitors from 65 countries, Heimtextil confirmed its position as a trend barometer at the start of the season in January. Haptic structures and graphic patterns are the must-haves of the coming year for all segments, from carpets, wall and window decoration to furniture and decorative fabrics [...] Read more...

Style Library provides a home for eight British label

Style Library provides a home for eight British label

“All brands have their own design DNA and individual signatures,” explains Alison Keane, PR-Manager of Style Library. The company provides a home for eight well-known design brands and thus offers the market not only an enormous creative range, but also logistical and economic benefits. With the choice of the individual design studios, Creative Director Claire [...] Read more...

Increasing demand for design and innovation

Increasing demand for design and innovation

Suppliers of the latest aesthetic and functional solutions in contract textile furnishing will be showcasing their products for the second time in the Interior.Architecture.Hospitality Expo at Heimtextil. One of the exhibitors is Serge Ferrari, with a large range of fabrics for interior design. We talk to Isabelle Vidal, Vice President, Business Group Marine & Furniture, [...] Read more...

Sleep smarter, live healthier

Sleep smarter, live healthier

A balanced diet and sufficient exercise are naturally part of a healthy lifestyle. However, one of the most important building blocks for permanent physical and psychological well-being is constantly neglected: restful sleep. At the upcoming Heimtextil it will therefore be a particular focus: renownded exhibitors, courageous entrepreneurs and proven sleep experts guarantee a comprehensive insight [...] Read more...

Play – the future of design

Play – the future of design

“The creation of something new is attained not through the intellect but by the play drive”, said analytical psychologist Carl Jung (1974-1961). According to the OECD Forum, over the next few years creativity and innovation will be the drivers of the economy, transform whole industries and promote integrative growth. Lego, the Danish foundation, is particularly [...] Read more...

Back to nature – far away from our digital lives

Back to nature – far away from our digital lives

Many people suffer from a lack of contact with nature in their regimented, digitally controlled everyday lives. They make efforts to combat the negative effects of a comfortable lifestyle, seek inspiration deep within and are keen to acquire new experiences. In practical terms, this means pushing the boundaries, physically and/or mentally – and this is [...] Read more...

Naturally coloured denim from Halo Creative Design

Upcycling of an exemplary nature

“Images of the plastic bottles in the world’s oceans have increased our desire for sustainably produced textiles and inspired us to go down this path,” says Lincoln Chan, Managing Director at Halo Creative Design. The British company, with headquarters in China, originally manufactured wooden and upholstered furniture; this year, they are introducing their new denims ... Read more...

Erfal has its eye on pleats

Sustainable variety for sunblinds

This family company from Falkenstein in the Vogtland region is getting things moving round our windows. A well-established traditional company, they are putting the spotlight on classic pleats at Heimtextil and offer over 330 different materials. As well as this trend, company philosophy at Erfal is also big on sustainability. They use sustainable woven sunblind ... Read more...

Patternsfrom Agency Finland

Creativity and business savvy times two

Jenni Moberg and Kristiina Tergujeff look like sisters. But they aren’t. The two Finns have, however, known each other since childhood and, over the last seven years, they have developed this friendship into a very clever business model. At their Patternsfrom Agency, the two women represent selected Finnish textile designers in the marketing process. They ... Read more...

Hungarian start-up is based around digital printing

Mbtex presents 600 different designs

They have worked in the textiles sector for 25 years and set up their own business with their team six years ago: Ilona and Arnold Mencsik from Budapest are introducing their fabric collections at Heimtextil for the first time this year. They are showcasing a total of 600 prints, thus offering a huge portfolio to ... Read more...

Lexington: casual lifestyle at its best

Individual, high-quality home textiles from the East Coast

Surf Boards, an original off-road vehicle, ‘glamping’ equipment and a simply congenial atmosphere shine out at visitors on the Lexington stand at Heimtextil 2019. The Swedish fashion and home textiles company is showcasing its products with the look and feel of the East Coast of America. This is where the name comes from too: Lexington ... Read more...

Linder Tisseur Créateur: curtains to purify the air

A new material eliminates formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is found in adhesives,solvents, varnishes and wood preservatives, and can also be released by smoking or candles when lit: the noxious substance may be present in many products and materials and it can damage human health. Particularly when formaldehyde is emitted over a long period of time, it makes sense to tackle the chemical ... Read more...

Laboni: essentials for dogs and cats

New to the range: Odor Therapy

When you’re talking high-quality, unusual accessories for our pets, then the premium Swiss brand Laboni is the goto address: company founder, designer and CEO Friederike Erhorn loves what she does and that is reflected to the nthdegree in her award-winning designs for furniture for cats and dogs and for the useful accessories that go with ... Read more...