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Jenni Moberg and Kristiina Tergujeff look like sisters. But they aren’t. The two Finns have, however, known each other since childhood and, over the last seven years, they have developed this friendship into a very clever business model. At their Patternsfrom Agency, the two women represent selected Finnish textile designers in the marketing process. They currently have nine designers in their portfolio, each with a signature style that complements that of the others well. “As far as possible, we select partners who will not compete with one another,” explains Kristiina.

She is responsible for the artistic direction at Patternsfrom – whilst Jenni is the business woman. She speaks fluent Japanese and that is just as well, since there is an excellent fit between the Finns and the Japanese, when it comes to good design. The two women have a very down-to-earth and friendly approach, when it comes to negotiating user licences for the designers they represent. They stipulate exactly what the licences are given for and for how long, as well as what licensees may or may not change about the design.

Patternsfrom partners can, at all events, rely on their ‘Agents’. Up to now the two women have accepted only Finnish designers in their portfolio, although they have already had a number of enquiries from abroad. “We know the ropes in Finland really well. It’s what we stand for – and we want to show the world just how much our country has to offer,” says Jenni. Jenni and Kristiina act as key ‘translators’ or coaches for their clients, explaining to them how to operate on the international scene and successfully representing them there. The designers can thus devote themselves entirely to their work. Two outstandingly likeable women and a clever concept, which is so far unique in Finland.


For those who want to know more: Hall 3.0, Stand D 17.

Kerstin Böhning

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