Premiere for Felice

Lehner Wolle, Austria launches new label

Lovers of robust, authentic and practical rugs have every reason to be happy. Now in the third generation, the long-established family company of Lehner Wolle from Waizenkirchen in Austria specialises in high-grade wool. And, now, they have reinvented the wool rug. You could also call it the ‘patchwork rug’.

With the Felice brand, the Austrians present an innovative solution for the modern home: a rug that is as flexible as life itself. Felice is a creative modular system that enables buyers to vary or expand their rug whenever they want. It is also an ideal collector’s piece, which allows family and friends to give modules on suitable occasions, e.g., when two people have just moved together or have had children. Depending on the mood, Felice can also be taken apart and put together in a different form. To this end, there are nine module sizes and six designs that can be combined with each other. The modules are held together by a clever yet very simple fastening system invented by the CEO himself. The best thing is, however, to feel the relaxing effect of the thick wool under the feet.

Lehner Wolle GmbH can be found in Hall 4.0, Stand E 70



Kerstin Böhning

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