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‘How have you managed to do it again?’ When industry colleagues ask this question, the company has obviously got it right. At any rate, this is the view of Edouard Ananijev, Managing Director of Rahmig & Partner, which is based in Ellefeld in the German Vogtland region. The company has been embroidering all kinds of fabrics and surfaces since 1992. This rich experience is plain to see if you cast an eye over the trade fair stand: rugs, upholstery fabrics, tablecloths, wallpaper, lamps and decorative fabrics, as well as leather and faux leather – the Rahmig & Partner team can apply their craft to all of these.

When we think of embroidery, the first thing that might come to mind is a dainty doily on grandma’s coffee table. But this bears no relation to what Rahmig & Partner offers. The company has evolved into an expert partner for architects and interior designers. ‘Our firm is certainly not part of a growth industry in Germany and embroidery is not undergoing any kind of boom, but we are very happy with our business,’ says Edouard Ananijev. What he doesn’t say, but still conveys, is his absolute enthusiasm and love for his products.

The entire stand at the fair is a unique work of embroidery. Rugs, wall tiles, lamps, tablecloths, benches and, of course, decorative cushions are beautifully put together. The colours this year are very natural: light green, yellow tones, cream colours or grey shades. ‘Now that the years of cool purism seem to be coming to an end, the trend in interior design is clearly moving in the direction of textiles again,’ explains the director. People are not coming to their interior designers or decorators with a concrete design request, but rather with a feeling. ‘And it is our job to transform this feeling into fabrics through embroidery,’ says Ananijev.

You can find out more at stand B90 in hall 3.0.


Kerstin Böhning

Kerstin Böhning

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