Rasch Textil: Glam&Glory and Love

Glam&Glory: detail

Rasch Textil and Interwall presented their new collections at Heimtextil. Artisan, Villa Coppenrath, Bambino 2013, Casa Luxury Edition, Pure Linen, Glam&Glory, Wall Silk III, Love oder Ouverture are the names of the various segments. The range of colours and designs is huge. Wall Silk III presents for the third time now traditional looks by using the competence in high tech. Sophisticated techniques are breaking the light giving very special optics. Luxury elegance could be the right description for those wall coverings.With Ouverture, Rasch Textil re-interpreted floral designs and ornaments in natural beige colours, petrol, violett or grey. With Love the company is setting a colourful contrast with powerful print designs. Here, the collection also contains decorative fabrics and corresponding bedding. Rasch Textil presents a new definition of variety: Hall 3.1. / Both D 91.

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