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The orthopaedic lifestyle cushion for comfort and well-being

To never again have to count sheep and, instead, to sink into a wonderfully restorative sleep. That is the desire of many people. Now, with a pillow that provides special support for the sensitive area between the head and the neck, it might well be possible – mySheepi is the result of long-term medical research focusing especially on the first cervical vertebra, the Atlas.

Dr. med. Dipl. Ing. Herbert Koerner dedicated himself to fundamental medical research into the cybernetics of the upper human spine. He focused on research into the causes of various painful conditions, primarily looking at the complex muscle structure around the first cervical vertebra, which is known as the Atlas bone. Observations from medical practice and new anatomical knowledge from research findings provided the motivation for developing an ortho-cybernetic cushion: mySheepi was Born.

Lars Reimann and Ronny Düring, both family men from Berlin, have further developed mySheepi and made it into what it is today: a lifestyle cushion for comfort and well-being everywhere, with guaranteed sleep-enhancing properties.mySheepi is the most personal way to achieve healthy sleep.

The cushion was developed on the basis of the latest findings from medical research about the Atlas bone and can be adjusted to the needs of the individual. It consists of three compartments, which work together to exert a soft and even pressure distribution in the upper vertebrae area, ensuring a relaxed resting position for the head, and thus supporting the anatomical features of the cervical spine in the best possible way. The compartments can be filled according to individual needs. mySheepi helps to soothe and prevent physical discomfort in the neck area during sleep. It can be used whilst travelling or at home, and it’s suitable for old and young. The cushions are made by hand in a 100% environmentally-friendly process.

You can see the mySheepi cushion and test it out at Heimtextil 2018, Hall 9.0, Stand A43 (Recuras GmbH).

Kerstin Böhning


Kerstin Böhning

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