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Reflecting youthful activism within our present perspective, attitude and behaviour toward our world of “stuff”, Revive is an exploration of creativity.

With a focus on achieving greater emotional satisfaction through the process of creating rather than on the result, no rules apply to the mending, processing, learning and experimenting in Revive. From result to process, Revive is to feel, sense and reconnect with human skills. It revives and honours the intangible state of flow that occurs while creating as opposed to focusing on the final object. 

Once a household practice, the act of repairing is now seen as creative method. The Revive trend subsequently focuses on process, modern mending and experimentation. Watch the trend video to experience the look and feel behind Revive.

Heimtextil will take place on 4 – 7 May 2021. Discover more about the coming season’s trends on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Photo: SPOTT trends and business for Heimtextil / Fotograf: Andreas Houmann
Video: Directed by SPOTT trends and business for Heimtextil

Edda Simon

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