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Heimtextil’s trend theme Rewild focuses on connecting the origins of nature’s wisdom. The act of rewilding is to return nature back to its original wild state. It is not about making nature authentic, but tracing back to what nature has to offer.

In the urban and postmodern world, generations have largely lost connection to the surrounding ecology. This has significant influence on how individuals use and understand the ecosystem they live in.

From authentic to genuine, the Rewild trend means rediscovering nature’s resources and applying these in a modern context, delivering on sustainable or even regenerative solutions. The visual and textile expressions of the Rewild trend focus on directions like nature’s lab, Indigenous, wild and basic living. Check out the trend video to immerse yourself in what it means to Rewild.

Heimtextil will take place on 4 – 7 May 2021. Discover more about the coming season’s trends on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Photo: SPOTT trends and business for Heimtextil / Fotograf: Andreas Houmann
Video: Directed by SPOTT trends and business for Heimtextil

Stefan Jakob

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