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Lines, space and flowers

Switch off, relax, recharge. The more hectic and virtual our world becomes, the more we yearn for a home that offers us peace, protection and rest. Of course, each one of us has a different perception of this. Some like it loud, some like it quiet. Some prefer colourful, some opt for understated. If you feel at one with calm, minimalist, yet also playful styling, you are sure to find your perfect design in the range from Sabine Röhse.

The young designer works sensitively and quietly, but can also do things differently with her broad design spectrum. Sabine Röhse observes trends and movements around her, while always remaining true to herself. For this reason, she has organised her work into two worlds: one is more art than design and the other is her retail collection. Sabine Röhse creates designs for wall coverings, fabrics and floor coverings. Four years ago, she was nominated for the German Design Award for her ‘Blümchen’ (little flowers) design: 14,692 different hand-drawn flowers that took several months to create. A panel of this design, measuring 1 x 3 metres, can currently be found at stand A24 in hall 4.2, where you can stop and be enchanted for a while. The flowers have the effect of little creatures – each with its own character. Looking at them brings a moment of tranquillity.

You can see the entire collection from Sabine Röhse at www.architonic.com.

At stand A24 in hall 4.2 during Heimtextil.


Kerstin Böhning

Kerstin Böhning

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