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Streamline, upgrade and make sustainable: this is Adam Matheis’ new appearance for his brand schlafgut in a nutshell. The look caused a sensation at Heimtextil and the innovative POS concept for fitted sheets will be gradually introduced to the retail trade from July.

In concrete terms, this means moving away from the usual intermeshing of product names with technical terms, moving away from complicated size codes and excessive product packaging in polybags towards a customer-oriented product portfolio and contemporary presentation that also appeals to younger target groups. The purist look is underpinned by a sophisticated concept.

First: streamline. The simplification of the product portfolio serves to improve orientation for the end customer even without them seeking advice at the POS. There is an easy-to-understand size key ‘S, M, L, XL’, which has long been familiar from the outerwear industry and now comprises just four product categories: ‘Casual, ‘Pure’, ‘Premium’ – from cheap to luxurious – as well as ‘Plus’, the category for all special items such as toppers and box spring fitted sheets or extra-fleecy winter fabrics.

Second: upgrade. The quality of brand communication is adapted to suit the quality of the products. From packaging and communication design to the product presentation at the POS, everything sparkles in a new high-quality look. The innovative shelving system not only catches the eye visually, but the compact arrangement also enables a particularly high capacity. The flexible system can also be adapted to local conditions. Furthermore, info panels explain the schlafgut product range to customers. A movable screen can be integrated on top that expands the store space digitally without losing any storage space.

Third: sustainability. The product range is 100% made from organic cotton. The products also surprise with their unique zero waste packaging that is made exclusively from residual and waste paper. The manufacturing process has minimal water consumption and produces no waste or toxic substances. The packaging can be recycled, composted or returned to the company.

‘As a market leader, we use our brand and professional expertise to present our dealers with a ready-made solution to their problems’, says Max Mödinger, grandson of the brand’s founder, who works with ‘innovative concepts and disruptive visions of the future’. ‘Dealers are asking themselves how they can get customers back into the specialist store or keep them there. Our way of packaging and presenting products at the POS is the “silent salesperson” that replaces missing sales staff’, continues Mödinger. What is common practice in other sectors is, according to Mödinger, completely absent in the home textiles sector. ‘The digital revolution is well underway. For our sector, it is time to wake up and develop holistic concepts’.

Rita Breer

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