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Colour, Light, Architecture: "Colour Riot" in the Trend Forum

One of the crucial questions of trade visitors and media on Heimtextil is “what’s new?”. There is a great desire to create “the” new – and to discover new products or ideas. But: don’t we already have everything? What is a good definition of modernity? We tried to find an answer to this question at the creative base of Heimtextil, which is Trends 2012/2013 “Montage”, in Forum.0.New is the presentation of the already known in a different context. Textiles – or materials in general – are presented in Trends 2012/2012 in four sections, lets say in four “worlds of style”. The visitor can personally experience this four rooms: Colour Riot, Dark Lux, Craft Industry, Split Clarity. New? “The products, materials and colours are not new. What is new of course is the way to present, the creation of these four rooms you can enter and the possibilities of interpretation we are offering to consumers”, says Claudia Herke, from bora.herke.palmisano design office. More novelties can be discovered on 19 levels of the halls of Heimtextil. We still have 3 intense days to go and find “the” new. Be curious!



Kerstin Böhning

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