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Recommerce is booming. Not only does it offer an excellent opportunity to earn a few cents from used products, but consumers have also come to realise that many things can either be reused or recycled and put to good use. Platforms such as momox.de and wirkaufens.de make it easy for people to part with their used things. Since early this year, this opportunity has existed for apparel and home textiles as well.

textil-ankauf.com is the name of the new recommerce platform specialising in apparel and textiles. Whether it be a winter jacket that you are eager to see the back of or jeans that no longer fit, it can all be sold through this website. All you have to do is specify the items to be sold, and the items will be valued according to a specific points system. In order to be able to complete a sale, it is necessary to reach a total of at least 100 points; if at least 13 kilos of items are to be sold, postage is free of charge – otherwise you have to pay part of the shipping costs. While no one is going to get rich selling their used clothing through textil-ankauf.com, they can still end up with a few welcome euros when all is said and done.

Thanks to the textil-ankauf.com concept, used textiles that might otherwise moulder in your wardrobe or end up at the dump are returned to the reuse or recycling process. According to textil-ankauf.com, the clothing it purchases is resold to second-hand stores throughout Europe, while items that can no longer be worn are recycled and used for insulation material, for example. The website makes it very clear that the textiles will not be exported to Africa and will therefore not damage its local industry. The company behind textil-ankauf.com is Zentek, a recycling and waste disposal specialist based in Cologne.

Anyone interested in finding out more about the www.textil-ankauf.com concept will be able to do so at next year’s Heimtextil in the new “Let’s talk about…” area located in Galleria 1. Here, Stefan Munz of textil-ankauf will be giving a presentation on his company on 9 January 2013 at 3:45 p.m. as part of the expert forum “Webchance” focusing on online advertising and sales for newcomers. His presentation will be entitled “Textil-Ankauf.com – Making an ‘impossible’ concept reality”. Read more about “Let’s talk about…” and the expert forum “Webchance”.

Jana Kern


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