Sleep in old age: more comfort for the body

We all hope to stay fit and healthy into advanced old age. A healthy lifestyle can help – and good, relaxing sleep is absolutely crucial in the long term. As one grows older, the body changes quite significantly, and we feel the effects of this. We need less sleep than we did in our younger days, or in middle age; our metabolisms change, we may need the loo more often during the night, our inner clock is more easily disrupted, our skin gets thinner so that we feel the cold more and our bodies become more sensitive to pressure. Our joints begin to fail, which is why the optimum height for a bed is that of a chair, so that we can sit down easily and so that it is not too difficult to get up again.

This is the great advantage of box-spring beds. A bed that is too low can be stressful. Motorised bases are also helpful, making it easier to sit on the bed, or to raise one’s legs, to encourage the circulation. Everyone is different, has different aches and pains, needs different kinds of help. A good bed for older people offers a combination of functionality, comfort and convenience. The cosier, the more pleasant and convenient a bed is, the more comfortable people feel and, therefore, the more rested people are after a good night’s sleep. The older one gets, the more one thinks, when buying a bed, not only about today, but about tomorrow; as well as looking good, the bed also needs to be usable when one’s requirements change.

When it comes to sleep, we should not leave things to chance.   For people who are not in the best of health, a good night’s rest can improve things, whilst poor sleep can have an overall negative effect on the organism – even more so as we get older than in earlier years. Traumina offer comfort, convenience and hygiene with their mattress covers made from quality materials – down, cotton, batiste. Pillows and duvets with camel hair fillings, too. A palpable luxury! High-quality coverings and fillings from natural raw materials, as well as from modern synthetic fibres, ensure the correct temperature in the bed and also prevent the bed from becoming damp and clammy. So Centa Star have opted for down, natural hair and other high-quality materials – the Stuttgart company will again be introducing its luxuriously comfortable new products at Heimtextil 2016.

Along with the textiles, mattresses will also have a bigger role to play than hitherto – with almost double the floor space compared with previous years. Swabian bed manufacturers Rössle & Wanner (RÖWA) will be attending again for the first time in over ten years. This company, which boasts a tradition stretching back a hundred years, will be presenting new bed systems for all stages in life and knows all about the right combination of mattress and bedstead base.

Yet, how exactly does the end customer find a suitable product? And how, as a retailer, can you best help in a competent and knowledgeable way? Which bed will suit whom, which pillow, which duvet? Which special features need to be attended to, particularly with older customers? This and more will all be explained by the team at the ‘Campaign for Sleep’ in Gallery 0. Drop in and see us there!

Gerrit Wustmann

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