Slowcolor: “Be the change you want to see in the world”

Sanjay Rajan: “Change has to come through ourselves and the consciousness about what and how we consume.”

“You can wear this scarf with pride and honour because it was hand-made by artisans earning a living wage under reasonable working conditions and with respect for the natural world”, says Sanjay Rajan. Now resident in the USA, Sanjay Rajan took the renowned words of his countryman, Mahatma Gandhi, to heart and founded Slowcolor in April 2011. Slowcolor focuses on hand-made premium scarves, throws and towels made of naturally dyed organic cotton and linen. Through Slowcolor products and the way they are made, the company is doing something about the catastrophic living conditions of weavers and dyers in India.

The aim is to change the processes of the Indian textile industry and associated sectors to bring them into line with the demands of nature and people. The Slowcolor mission is to “clothe the World in Beauty, Health and Responsibility.” The wonderful scarves come in a wide range of soft colours from beige, light blue and orange to green and grey – the colours possible using natural dyes. They are made by hand on the old looms of weaver cooperatives in the Central Indian city of Hyderabad. These ancient traditions and techniques can be preserved thanks to Slowcolor’s commitment. After all, beauty should not only radiate from one side – the consumer also has a responsibility for a different world.

Kerstin Böhning

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