Slowcolor: only what’s really necessary – and that correctly

Mehr braucht es nicht: Slowcolor in Halle 11.1

No need for more: Slowcolor in Halle 11.1

Slowcolor products offer an honest answer to the question ‘What do we really need and how can we produce it in an environmentally and socially compatible way?’ The winner of many awards for social compatibility, Slowcolor is taking part in Heimtextil for the second time with its hand-woven and naturally dyed cotton products from India. There are no elaborate decorations – instead a modest but smart looking exhibition stand in Hall 11.1.“We want simple solutions for creative products. We look for genuine sustainability and have a critical and attentive eye on what is really necessary”, says Tricia O’Keefe, who is presenting Slowcolor at this year’s Heimtextil.

Hand-crafted aesthetics and simple charm radiate from each and every Slowcolor product: scarves and plaids, only a few colour variations and restrained patterns. This emphasises the unadorned look of the linen without any great effort being required. Perceiving and recognising beauty in simplicity is one of the guiding ideas behind Slowcolor.

The company was founded by Sanjay Rajan in 2011 and is now a member of renowned organisations for social compatibility and environmental friendliness. Slowcolor has reached the final round of the ‘2014 Sankalp Awards’ (details at:, an international competition for socially compatible innovations in India, and will present its ideas and projects in a few weeks’ time.

Less is more – Slowcolor gives this concept a new veracity.

Slowcolor is a ‘New & Next’ exhibitor at Heimtextil in Hall 11.1 (Stand D79).

Kerstin Böhning

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