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The Radisson Hospitality Group’s 3-star hotel at Frankfurt Airport has received new, durable wall coverings. Bar and Reception now have a new counter, comfortable furniture and a completely new lighting design – reflecting in full the motto of the Park Inn: “A happy place to be.” A particular highlight consists of the specially produced neon lettering, from the hotel director’s handwriting.

The question of acoustics presented a major challenge. In the open lobby with lounge and bar a pleasant atmosphere was wanted, even when sizeable groups of people are arriving and departing, thus creating a high noise level in the Reception area.

To cope with this tricky matter, the commissioned interior design office VRAI suggested to the client an acoustically active carpet, consisting of flame-retardant foam, covered with a layer of textile. Together with further measures, such as a rug and capacious velvet curtains, the interior designers have been able to improve the state of background noise, thus creating a pleasant atmosphere.

In general, the experts of VRAI are sure that the acoustic qualities of a room represent a relevant factor in interior design, not one which is visible, but which – along with good light and proper proportions – contributes to a positive spatial sensation.

You will find exhibitors offering products with these and further functional features at the coming Heimtextil (7 – 10 January 2020):

Kinland Decor Ltd.   3.1  B91
Zambaiti Parati S.p.a.   3.1  C10
Elastron Portugal SA   4.1  H81
Decobel S.r.l.   4.2  H31
Lodetex S.P.A.   4.2  E14

Photo rights: Jana Vonofakos. Photographer: Nina Struve.

Jana Vonofakos

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