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Designer duo, Kathrin and Mark Patel

Kathrin is a textile designer and Mark studied graphic design. Together they have created the striking ‘Walls by Patel’ digitally printed wallpaper collection, which was showcased by A.S.Création at Heimtextil. It offers stunning image worlds, in an almost unbelievable variety of colours and shapes, that are perfect for providing an expressive setting for rooms and objects, and for giving interiors a distinctive atmosphere.

Opposites are known to attract each other. And they help to engender a creative atmosphere that allows ideas to germinate. This is certainly the case with the Bremen designer duo, Kathrin and Mark Patel. The two tick in completely different ways: one of them is impulsive and extrovert, the other thoughtful and strategic. They are partners in both working and private life, and they see their different approaches to joint projects as an asset.

“Regardless of what Mark does, the result has a perfection and conceptual logic that’s planned down to the last detail”, Kathrin explains. Mark, on the other hand, values his partner’s unconventional approach to design challenges. “Instead of working within constraints,” says Mark, “she approaches things in a completely open way and often comes up with quite unusual solutions.” These are contrasting approaches that also stem from the designers’ professional backgrounds: Mark studied graphic design and Kathrin is a textile designer.

A powerful example of their design work is the extensive ‘Walls by Patel’ digitally printed wallpaper collection, which they showcased on A.S.Création’s stand at the last Heimtextil. It offers evocative image worlds, which make it possible to design rooms and objects in an expressive way. Kathrin and Mark succeed in telling stories here, just by using the language of images that captivate the observer. Whether it’s a large-format whale, whose wall-sized dimensions contrast with the delicately dotted design, a large-scale stylised rose flower in watercolours, or abstract geometric patterns artfully interleaved with one another – the murals always create a unique atmosphere and evoke emotions. All in all, 190 different motifs have come into being and each one is a non-verbal statement in itself. These are designs that inspire the imagination and fascinate us with their richness and intensity.

Sandra Kreß

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