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Wallpaper has a strong lobby in Germany. Thus at the end of May around 100 representatives of the industry accepted the invitation to Frankfurt by the Wallpaper Action Forum (Aktionsforum Tapete), in order to launch a campaign for wallpaper. The aim: to get some real momentum behind the subject of wallpaper. Along with representatives from the industry at home and abroad, participants included wholesalers and retailers, suppliers, representatives of the digital-printing sector and trade associations. The meeting, which took place on the premises of Messe Frankfurt, while featuring discussion panels, talks and workshops, also provided time for networking.  

Among the three most important items on the agenda, along with future market statistics (including the online and digital-print market) and wallpaper seminars for professionals, sales staff and consumers, was the launch of a joint advertising campaign.

The aim of the Wallpaper Weeks campaign will be to fix wall coverings more firmly in the minds of consumers and professionals as an attractive element of interior design. In this process it is intended to involve as many different players in the market as possible, to supplement the trade’s existing advertising campaigns with a campaign slogan and signet, and to raise the impact of advertising massively by means of time bundling. A basic campaign, focusing on online and press work, will accompany the operation, thus ensuring “background noise” all year long.

“The event was a great success. An attendance far above our expectations and incredibly positive feedback confirm us in our opinion that the industry intends to get things moving jointly”, says Karsten Brandt, general manager of the Association for the German Wallpaper Industry (Verband der Deutschen Tapeten-Industrie e.V.). “Now plans and concepts must be followed by real action.”

Many spontaneous commitments to take part in the campaign were quickly supplied. Over the next few weeks the concepts are due to be made concrete and binding commitments obtained from the partners. One thing is already certain: Heimtextil, the international trade fair for home and contract textiles, will support the campaign.


The Wallpaper Action Forum (Aktionsforum Tapete (AT)), an independent industry platform, is intended for all businesses, associations and organisations working in the German market which have an interest in the German wallpaper market. Its aim is that of making a joint contribution to effect a tangibly positive change in the market.

Header photo: digital-print wallpaper from the “Walls by Patel” collection by A.S. Création

Heike Gessulat

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