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How centuries-old craftsmanship is presented today

Switzerland’s textile tradition goes back to the 14th century, when handcrafted silk  production was started in the canton of Zürich. Later on, handmade Appenzell embroidery and the bobbin lace-making industry in the canton of Neuenburg (Neuchâtel) made a name for themselves beyond the country’s borders. These days, even though the actual production of the textiles often doesn’t take place in Switzerland any more, the high quality standard and sound expertise of Swiss textile companies are what still make household and home textiles from this small Alpine country so special. Today we’re portraying a selection of Heimtextil exhibitors, and showing how they will be presenting their products in Frankfurt in January.

2019 will be a special year for Christian Fischbacher: the manufacturers of luxurious home textiles will be looking back on a history of 200 years in St. Gallen. At the end of the 18th century the region was renowned for its embroidery art; today Christian Fischbacher is  known for its bed linens, which are printed with floral motifs. Both of these are combined in the INTERLACE design, which will be the main focus of the upcoming fair presentation. The in-house design team has combined a piece of lace from a sample book with a border of flower tendrils and climbing plants. The resulting printed motif represents 200 years of textile history and it adorns Christian Fischbacher’s anniversary bed linen in an ingenious way.

Impressions from the Weseta Switzerland booth

With the DreamArt collection, Weseta Switzerland will be showcasing the finest Swiss weaving in beautiful mélange terry towels. The only industrial terry towelling manufacturer in Switzerland celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2014. Their history is an exciting example of entrepreneurial courage and the unshakeable belief that high-class Swiss workmanship has a long future ahead of it. Thanks to its focus on exclusive terry towels for the luxury market, the traditional company has succeeded in holding its ground despite changes in the global textile industry, and it has been able to continue its operations in Switzerland. In 2019, you’ll be able to identify the Weseta Switzerland stand by the authentic cow bells and their Swiss hospitality, with Bündnerfleisch (cured, dried meat) rolls and Alpenbitter schnaps.

ESKIMO of Switzerland shows blankets and plaids made of natural hair.

With a stand that looks like an old factory building, ESKIMO of Switzerland will hark back to its own history and spoil its visitors with fine Swiss chocolate. The Eskimo company was founded in 1854 as a family enterprise and its development is emblematic of a whole textile branch. With consistent high quality and creative design, Eskimo continues to be a byword for fashionable throws and blankets for the most demanding requirements. At Heimtextil in 2019, the focus will be on the new high-quality ‘Cashmerissimo’ range of natural fibre plaids and blankets, as well as exquisite faux furs in on-trend muted colours.

Individual, uncomplicated bedding combination from the collection YU! by Schlossberg.

The highly traditional Swiss family enterprise Schlossberg, founded in 1833, established itself with imaginative hand-drawn designs printed in colour on soft, fine bed linen – a sensation in 1964. These days Schlossberg Switzerland stands for exclusive premium products for the bed- and bathroom. The young YU! by Schlossberg collection and the new Casual Basics collection will define the newly designed stand presentation in 2019.

Storyfabrics: Strickdecke mit Zopfmuster aus fairtrade-zertifizierter Baumwolle.

With her company Storyfabrics, founded in 2015, Martina Unternaehrer will be showing what sustainable textile production can look like. She will present her products in person on her Heimtextil stand, including, for example, a printed collection with designs by Swiss artists and illustrators. “There’s a story behind every small design detail, which I shall be pleased to retell and pass on to my customers”, says Unternaehrer. Storyfabrics products are made exclusively from organic, Fairtrade-certified cotton and the company attaches importance to on-site quality assurance in Zürich. Thanks to an assistant in India, the products can be thoroughly inspected prior to delivery and sent all over the world directly from India.

Header photo (Army planket) ©ESKIMO of Switzerland

Stefan Jakob

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