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Beautiful models from the Frankfurter Schule für Bekleidung&Mode

Who is telling these tales of the unexpected? It is the third semester of the Frankfurter Schule für Bekleidung & Mode. The design students had five month of time to invent these tales as a project work in cooperation with Heimtextil. Their task was to develop vanguard models of dresses and to visualize zeitgeist. There was no need to make portable dresses – but experimental ones. The results very much look like a fairy tale. 15 models are made from materials that have been taken out of their casual context of home textile. Duvets, textiles for bedding or towels (frottier) – the dialog of couture and home textile products was successful. This project could only be realized due to the support of the sponsoring partners: Bedenia Bettcomfort, Cawö Textil, Christian Fischbacher, Curt Bauer, Erbelle Spirit, fiedola, Formesse, Sander, Sichou, Interfrotta Bad- und Heimtextilien, Hermann Biederlack und Heimtextil. All students are very grateful for this support and for the opportunity to present their work to such a huge and professional public.

The special event from the Frankfurter Schule für Bekleidung & Mode can be seen in hall 11.0 / both A20.

Kerstin Böhning

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