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Fresh colors for the spring: “à table” with Pichler

More colours, more designs, more enjoyment: the new collection from Pichler brings spring into our houses – or, more precisely, onto our tables. In most homes, it is the kitchen or the dining room that is the family’s centre of cheer and enjoyment. It is here that we come together to eat, chat and have fun. And the pure enjoyment of life is what Pichler’s new designs bring us, with authentic prints of blossom, life-like animals and the sensual sense of life’s wisdom and wit – for greater lightness of being.

Pichler, a company with a long tradition, have created five themes for their 2015 collection: Spring has Sprung, Laid in the Nest, Scandinavian Spirit, Joys of Mediterranean Life and Rainbow Colours. They have matched their prints with classic plain fabrics, available in their accustomed quality. The perfect overlay for the table – and for any occasion, no less – available in all the usual sizes.

Households make a host of very diverse demands on their dining tables: but whatever the demands, you will find them reflected in the Pichler range. For the basics, there are non-iron and spongeable versions – textured linen and Jacquards, with spot-resistant finishes. Using these technologies to create fabrics for both the dining table and the kitchen, Pichler have also developed a successful line in contract textiles. In these ranges, restaurants and hotels find durable and, at the same time, very adaptable table linen, thus ensuring greater variety for discerning guests.

Stylish to the last detail: with accessories such as cushions, runners and table sets, restaurateurs and private individuals alike can create precisely the individual ambience that they want. The range of colours and types of fabric allow for a whole host of options.

The Pichler company has been manufacturing fine table linen since 1866. They have their headquarters in Laichingen near Ulm, in Baden-Württemberg.


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