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Digital experience and smart objects are the future

The solutions at the interface between humans and computers will soon be found in our living environments, too – smart objects are the future. Even now refrigerators can speak, lamps light up at the movement of a hand, or blinds roll down when ordered. But that is just the beginning: future lifestyles will feature thrilling possibilities to enrich everyday life, while dull routines will become more palpable and more exciting.

At Milan Design Week 2018, Sony showcased its “hidden senses”. Through interaction with familiar objects in a contextual space it has been possible to question and redefine the interplay between technology and human behaviour. Sony has no doubt that interdisciplinary collaboration between design and technology can lead to completely new and emotionally exciting user experiences. “Hidden senses” showcased examples of the way in which design can be applied to technology, to interact innovatively with people, products and rooms, and to draw attention to new forms of perception.

The idea: sensor technology for unconventional communication, intelligent minimalistic light reflexes, intuitive everyday objects as a substitute for smartphones etc., mood changers, dancing lights and tactile tablets, sensitive boards, oscillating lamps and tactile benches, creating new experiences through physical feedback.

Science fiction in the here and now
Design fiction is being created by a loose association of agencies, artists, engineers and designers, who will exert a formative influence in the coming decades on our expectations of technology and society and show us how a future world might look, all the way to its trademark clichés. It is science fiction, realised behind the scenes in the form of interactive exhibitions, product presentations and workshops. The Museum of The Future, to be opened at the end of 2019, will build on more than five years of temporary immersive exhibitions at the world-government summit in Dubai. These pop-ups have led to the conception of the Dubai Future Foundation and of the permanent Museum of the Future, intended to become the world’s biggest and most exciting venue for the trends and possibilities of tomorrow.

You will find more about the exciting background to the “Escape Reality” trend at Heimtextil in the Trend Space, Hall 3.0, or in the Heimtextil Trend Book, which can be ordered online.

Header photo: SONY Hidden Senses ©Heimtextil Trend Book

Edda Simon

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