Terrazzo for bed & table: peppa grace

fresh&elegant: design "terrassa" by peppa grace

As she loves the classical terrazzo tiles, Steffi Plikat decided on bringing these designs to different levels in the house. With her young label “peppa grace, Hamburg”, the textile designer is now offering high quality home textiles. The present collection contains plaids, cushions, curtains, table ware and bedware. What is special about her textiles made of satin and twill (cotton) are these filigrane designs of ancient floor and wall tiles.They can still be found in the old Spanish villas but also in Portugal, Morocco or Cuba. With peppa grace these fine, ancient designs now can be integrated in day to day life. Steffi Plikat’s designs are nostalgic and timeless at the same time. The colors are assembled in harmony – they pass on elegance and silence and a gentle tenderness which is being embraced by some vivid colors from time to time.

peppa grace: Halle 11.1 / Stand A 20.

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