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What a blessing it is that entrepreneurs like Jaideep Sajdeh from Mumbai exist and give us reason for hope: Jaideep imports disused hotel bed linen and other fabrics from wealthy countries around the world and makes them into shopping bags, cushion covers and other items. He prefers to use white bed linen most of all because there is no need to introduce other processes that then consume water or power.

He has dedicated himself to the second life of textiles for the past five years and has already gained customers such as Disney and Colgate. Another reason for hope: Many companies have recognised that we need smart solutions for dealing with used textiles in a sustainable manner. With his company Texool, Jaideep has also ensured that many people from his city now have work and can feed themselves and their families. A real win-win situation – including for the environment.

Jaideep’s father started recycling textiles from Europe an amazing 50 years ago, using them to make blankets. He was truly progressive – very few people were interested in such things in the mid-sixties. So much foresight was rare. But now, one generation and many environmental disasters later, Texool is working to deal with textile waste such as hotel bed linen, table linen and jeans in a sensible and useful way. ‘I want to see our fabric bags in H&M, Zara and other major textile companies,’ wishes Jaideep. And we should hope for this too – for him and for ourselves.

‘I am made in India. I believe in re-birth. Last life i was a posh hotels linen. This life i will be with you. I carry no harmful pigments or chemicals. I have caused no harm to the earth’s tree population or water resources. I am 100 % upcycled.’ (quote from the clever Texool cotton bag).

You too can have a hope-filled discussion with Jaideep Sajdeh, founder and CEO of Texool at stand D 45 A, hall 8.0.


Kerstin Böhning

Kerstin Böhning

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