Textile design in the bathroom: timeless elegance or fashionable

In terms of textiles, the bathroom is dominated by discreet non-colours, tone-in-tone combinations and classics such as white, light grey, aquamarine and turquoise. Yellow is making a comeback as a splash of bright colour. And another well-known bathroom nuance has been rediscovered and completely reinvented: dusky pink. We take a look at the latest developments in designs for the bath product group.

In its interplay with anthracite and the trendy fashion colour Marsala, a warm dark red, dusky pink loses its sweetness and appears surprisingly mature and very modern. One of the companies showing these new shades is Aquanova.

Craft and tradition are important inspirations for the latest collections – this applies for both bathroom carpets and towelling. Distinctive honeycomb textures, thick tufts and three-dimensional formations of roses appear as if handmade, crochet looks and voluminous knitted plaits reflect the craft trend. In the case of jacquards, the broad spectrum of patterning options is used to the full, whereby textures and surface effects stand more in the foreground than multi-coloured patterns. For example, opulent damask decorations, finely shaped ornamentation and vigorous zigzag stripes are highlighted by distinctive high-low contouring. Möve Frottana playfully stages scenarios with tiger and leopard skin patterns and realises classic patterns like glen check, tartan, tweed and herringbone in extremely refined and impressive looks with admixtures of viscose and linen.

Digital printing offers almost infinite variety in the design of bathroom textiles, too. Seemingly slightly blurred Paisley patterns in vintage style like those from Möve Frottana or delicate floral contours as those from Baykent provide an impression of the versatility of this technology. By means of a special printing process, Rhomtuft lends bathroom rugs a rather special look – which will also be on show at Heimtextil.

Particularly important is a premium product statement, a soft and pleasing tactile experience and best properties in use – for instance, with regard to absorbency and ease of care. Loosely twisted yarns, for example, lend the qualities a particularly voluminous and soft appearance, while Modal fibres ensure a supple grip.

Sustainability is gradually finding its way into the bathroom. Egeria responds to this trend with a collection in organic-cotton from controlled organic cultivation and Jules Clarysse offers articles in Fairtrade cotton or fibre-mixes of soy, Modal and cotton.

Bright highlights are brought to the bathroom in the form of accessories in silver, gold and stainless steel – and, above all, the subtle red-orange sheen of copper. The purist impression of concrete and stone harmonises particularly well with cool shades of turquoise and blue.

Claudia Weidt

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