Textile design made from recycled fabric

New home textiles made of recycled fabric

A completely different type of recycling: German textile designers Lisa Spengler and Moa Hallgren weave used fabric in different shades of colour to create textile surfaces for home accessories including seating, room dividers, rugs and curtains. New yarns are made from the old fabric and then woven, tied and knotted before being put in a new context.

One of the pair’s specialities is woven cane (“Vienna weave”). This one-of-a-kind type of weaving that has been used since the mid-nineteenth century predominantly for seats and armrests has been given a new lease of life by Spengler and Hallgren. Whilst the traditional method usually employs cane, the two designers also use pre-loved fabric in different colours. Whether bedding or old clothing, the history of the fabric is never the same.

Wiener Geflecht als textiler Raumteiler

A new lease of life for “Vienna weave”

Their first textile work of art was created as their graduation project at the School of Art and Design in Berlin Weißensee. But the two textile designers could not let the story end there and soon created Lum!, their own label.

Lisa Spengler and Moa Hallgren have been honoured by the jury for the international student competition “Textile Structures for New Construction” for their idea to use worn clothing to reinvigorate and recycle the time-honoured method of cane weaving. This competition was held by Messe Frankfurt and the TensiNet association in conjunction with Techtextil 2011 for the eleventh time.

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