Textiles in Hotel Design

Replacement and new purchasing

In Part 3 of our study of the importance of home textiles in the up-market German hotel industry we shall look in detail at the replacement and new purchasing of textiles. Textile furnishings are mostly supplemented on no fixed cycle but in response to wear and tear and as needed. These replacement purchases are usually effected in the first one to two years. The interval up to the next replacement purchase hardly differs from area to area. The interval before complete replacement of textile furnishings is, in general terms, one year longer than for replacement purchases.

The results in detail: in 23 percent of hotels it is usual practice for replacement purchases to be made already during the first year in which textile products are in use. It is immaterial whether guest rooms, sanitary facilities, the restaurant or other public areas are affected. By far the majority of hotels, however, have no strict time rules, but react flexibly to needs as they arise. Just as uncertain is the period until complete refurnishing of the rooms in question takes place. Irrespective of the area, city hotels show the shortest interval. Thus, to summarise: the country hotels frequently buy replacements, but the city hotels undertake a complete replacement more often.

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