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is moving to Hall 4.2 with panache

Location and fabrics: it’s all new on the Textum stand: this time at Heimtextil 2019, the company will be located in Hall 4.2. Textum has found a new 170 sq. m. home on stand E44 by the main entrance to the hall. It’s already clear that genuine innovations will be showcased here, including textiles, for example, which have been developed specifically in response to customer enquiries. The theme of individually designed products will play a big role anyway, because retailers are looking for opportunities for differentiation, in order to stand out from the competition.

In 2019, Textum will also be launching self-coloured print designs. They are produced in Bünde by means of a transfer printing process using designs that the company has manufactured in house with its paper supplier. This synergy has given rise to extraordinary items.

At Heimtextil 2019, Textum will be showcasing its textiles, including a self-coloured printed collection developed in house.

The special feature of this collection is its exclusivity and the short delivery times, and because the goods are partly manufactured at the firm’s headquarters, even very short delivery dates can be guaranteed. Quick availability is becoming more and more important, particularly with younger target groups. In addition to new printed products, Textum will be presenting innovative chenille, microfibre and imitation leather products.

Header photo: All of the products from Lay-Z, a subsidiary of Textum, are suitable for use outdoors.

Sandra Kreß

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