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Heimtextil Trend: Seek Sanctuary

In our hyper-networked everyday lives, we are always on the lookout for urban oases where we can recuperate and clear our heads. Increased possession of material objects is no longer regarded by many people as necessarily bringing happiness. For them, minimalism no longer signifies a categorical rejection of products – it is much more about the value placed on designer pieces and concepts, which are clean-lined, functional and good quality.


Sister City in New York, which has a reputation as the ‘laboratory of essentialism’, takes its inspiration from the functionalism and minimalism of Scandinavian and Japanese design – whilst aiming, nevertheless, at the priorities of the modern traveller. The hotel, which opened its doors in autumn 2018, is part of Atelier Ace. “Our inspiration derives from the philosophy of the inherent contentment that comes specifically from having just enough,” says Kelly Sawdon, Chief Brand Officer at Atelier Ace.

Airplane Mode Box by Blanch ©Heimtextil Trend Book

The freedom of silence
Conceived to house a mobile telephone, the owner can, for a moment or two, concentrate on the tactile things in life. This is a kind of visualisation of flight mode, so to speak, and adds a ceremonial aspect to the experience of departure, turning it into a ritual. In cooperation with the Californian concrete supplier Concreteworks, the ‘Airplane Mode Box’ is cast in high-quality material, reminiscent of natural stone – covered in soft leather that has been tanned with natural plant extracts, in order to provide textural contrast as well as protection for the devices stored in it.

ROPE LIGHT CHANDELIER from AKTTEM is a contemporary form of lighting, which invites owners to discover their own personal version of the product and to create it in accordance with what they imagined it to be like. This lighting design contains three illuminated light tubes, which intertwine with one another and can be freely positioned. Going beyond the bounds of conventional lighting, this delicate and intricate pendant can be configured in a multitude of different ways, so as to produce a variety of graphic shapes in the room. The warm light makes for a pleasant and unique atmosphere.

Further information on the ‘Seek Sanctuary’ trend at Heimtextil can be found in the ‘Trend Space’, Hall 3.0.

Edda Simon

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